Silage distributors

6 capacities available
- WIC-32
- WIC-45
- WIC-52

- WIC-60
- WIC-70
- WIC-90
More room on the running board
The location of the pedals, the hidden hydrostatic pump and the motor well integrated to the body give room to move freely on the running board.
- Even distribution of silage and total mixed
- Selection of six different models :
   WIC-32, WIC-45, WIC-52, WIC-60, WIC-70
  and WIC-90.
- Four types of discharge systems available :
  one side, two-side, top unload or front
- 5.5HP, 9HP or 11HP Honda motors.
- Forward and reverse variable speed.
- Long powerful hay beaters included with
  all models.
- D662H chains that do not stretch.
- Shock absorber system preventing the   transmission of the vibrations of the motor for
  an outstanding stability of the running board.
- Hinged panels for easy maintenance access.
- Secure filling of the gas tank
Optional accessories :
- Front unloading on models 45, 52, 60, 70 & 90.
- Electric starter and battery on 9HP & 11HP
- 4 front steering wheels on model 52.
- Front and back flat-proof tires
- Removable trough for one-side and front
  unloading feeders.
- Seat.