Serving the agricultural producers since 1970!

Since its beginning, WIC has put agricultural equipment on the market with enormous success. The business started in a 5,000 sq.ft. facility which has now grown to over 50,000 sq.ft. This means we have come a long way!

Thanks to its inventive owners, WIC has received several Gold Medals over the years and their focus has always been on innovation in order to meet their clients' needs.

The Founders
We cannot talk about WIC without introducing its founder, Mr. Gratien Houle, who is part of a family of ingenious industrialists. Gratien is the second child of Jerome Houle, the founder of J. Houle & Son, Agricultural Equipment Manufacturing Company.

The first piece of equipment manufactured by Gratien, his father Jerome and their partners Gerard Couture and Gilles Benoît in 1970, was a silo unloader. This piece of equipment has become a huge success since its introduction at the Agri Business Show (SIMA) in 1970.

Established in their new plant in 1973, ideas are proliferating and several new projects are emerging. Motorized feeders are the first products, followed in 1976 by the bedding chopper, a patented invention by Gratien Houle that puts WIC on the international market place.

From 1986 to 2009, a few ownership changes took place, but the tradition of innovation remains to this day. Several equipment are added, hammer mills, roller mills and other grain handling equipment such as the WIC 100 that won the gold medal from the Quebec Association of Farm Machinery in 1988.

It was in 2009 that the current owners, Steven Roy and Maxime Larouche take over WIC. Steven, nephew of the founder Gratien Houle, saw WIC evolve and grow over time. This means that he is committed to the company and proud to see WIC moving forward under his leadership.

Reflecting on their desire for success and looking to the future, Steven and Maxime have built and surrounded themselves by a dynamic and motivated team that has accumulated many years of experience.

After the passing of the 40th anniversary of WIC, the product line continues to grow with equipment that meets the farmers' needs. Whether it is the Model 684 Silo Unloader, the double chain conveyors, the bedding-chopper and soon the model for large square bales, WIC serves producers!