Silage distributors

Outstanding stability
The gas motor (5.5, 9 or 11HP) of our feeders is supported by a
rubber shock absorbers system, which prevents the transmission of vibrations in the running board. Therefore, you can work with outstanding stability.

High maneuvering precision
Two types of transmission are available and allow to obtain
variable forward and backward speed: with hydraulic drive or with differential.
Accessibility and greater
safety of the gas tank
-The gas tank cap is integrated to the silage distributor's body. The reservoir is easier to fill and the location of the cap offers more safety by preventing accidental spills of gas on the motor during filling.
- A sturdy removable guard prevents the accumulation of fragment on the motor
Heavy-duty components for
outstanding performance
WIC Motorized Feeders are equipped with D662H pintle
chains that do not stretch and long hay powerful beaters.
One-side and top unloading are made through a 12'' (30 cm) auger while a side conveyor insures unloading on two-side.

Easy access to mechanical parts
Two hinged panels located on the side of our motorized feeders facilitate the maintenance and the adjustment of the mechanical parts.
  Features :
- Hydrostatic pump integrated into the differential
  or with hydrostatic motor on both wheels.
- Nylon bearings conveyor offering durability and
  corrosion resistance.
- Direction gearbox and steel wires.
- 8500 lbs strain conveyor equipped with D662H   chains.
- #40 roller chains activating the grinders and the
- Two 16'' (40 cm) traction wheels.
- Two directional 12'' (30 cm) front wheels on
  roller bearings (4 wheels on model 70 & 90).