Model 684

Assembled in a one-piece casing protecting
from the moisture and from the dust.

Collector ring
- Up to 5 rings 7/8" width by 1/2"   stacked upright for more
- 3 rings made for two motors
  connected together 240V,
  1 phase
- 4 rings made for two
  independent motors 240V,
  1 phase
- 5 rings made for two
  independent motors :
  - 240V, 3 phases
  - 480V (USA), 3 phases
  - 600V, 3 phases

Dielectric rigidity test made on all our crowns to verify the smooth running of circuits.

Our Silo Unloaders are CSA approved (Some conditions apply).
Manual or optional electrical system with direct drive available.
Remote control system
2 or 4 buttons.
CSA and UL approved.
IP65 protection (Watertight)

Direct drive double
- Very reliable.
- Very low maintenance.
- Equipped with a ratchet style
  torque limiter for unloader
26" Blower
- High capacity throwing power.
- Tempered adjustable paddles
  can be set in swinging or
  fixed position.
- Stainless steel or tempered
  steel 1/4" outline option
- Inspection cover is easy to
Suspension arms
Two models available :
- Standard
- High clearance   level

Various control panels
available according to the
desired configuration.